Not satisfied to merely sell a product, Lamb Services strives to provide excellent field service on a wide variety of equipment, whether we supplied it or not. Spinners, Tongs, Coiled Tubing Units, Laydown Machines all share a common power source, hydraulic fluid. Our technicians excel at troubleshooting hydraulic systems. Whether it’s a tong power unit in the shop, a Hawkjaw 100 miles offshore or a coiled tubing unit with pipe stuck in the hole, Lamb Services technicians have been there, done that and are ready to do it again. How about sub-contracting specialized maintenance and repair tasks to keep your operator’s focused on operations. Lamb can perform these services on your site, or at the Lafayette Louisiana headquarters. Total refurbishment as well, Lamb’s years of experience and wide breadth of industry knowledge ensure that we can handle the project, from inspection, disassembly, repair and replacement to assembly and commissioning, Lamb can make your old equipment perform like new again.