HawkJaw ® Drillpipe Make-up/Break-out tools

This is state of the art next generation equipment. Our dedicated Research and Development Department spent many years in designing this equipment. Only after successful rigorous testing on site, we brought the equipment to the market for use in the oil and gas industry.

The Hawkjaw® provides safer, faster and more reliable make-up and breakout of drill pipe. These tools incorporate a Spinmaster® spinning wrench and a set of torque wrenches that accurately and consistently torque drilling tubulars. These tools are modular in design for ease of maintenance and service. The Hawkjaw® SR. is stout enough to torque up to 100,000 ft/lbs. with a range of 4-9 1/2″ (actual tool joint o.d.). For smaller rigs, the Hawkjaw® Jr. with a range of 3 1/2-8″ (actual tool joint o.d.) will torque up to 65,000 ft/lbs.



Hawk Industries, Inc.
Designers and Manufacturers of:
Hawkjaw®, Spinmaster®, Spinnerhawk®, Gatorhawk®, and Kittyhawk®